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Speaker Title Employer
Conti, Pete

Senior Vice President, Client Development Sales Effectiveness Nielsen CGA
Cornwell, Jim

Managing Partner Sartre OTR Restaurant
Couch, Dan

Songwriter Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
Cox, Jessie

Manager of Harpoon Helps and Sponsorships Harpoon
Cramer, Chris

CEO & Co-Founder Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Crompton, Matthew

Client Director Nielsen CGA
Crooks, Jim

Masterblender/Barrelworks Manager Barrelworks/Firestone Walker Brewing Company


Speaker Title Employer
Davis, Joe

COO/General Counsel New Belgium Brewing
De Baets, Yvan

Masterbrewer/Co-owner Brasserie de la Senne
DeFazio, Peter

Representative (D-Oregon) House Small Brewers Caucus Co-Founder
Desmarais, Eric

Owner CLS Farms
Dunitz, Jonathan

Attorney Verrill Dana LLP


Speaker Title Employer
Elliot, Scott

Senior Vice President Nielsen CGA
Eriksen, Renée

Plant Research Geneticist Postdoc USDA-ARS
Erway, Jeff

President/Master Brewer La Cumbre Brewing Co.
Evans, Susan

Executive Liaison for Industry and State Matters Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)


Speaker Title Employer
Fandke, Markus

Customer Support Representative BIOTECON Diagnostics
Fine, Gavin

Owner Fine Dining Restaurant Group/Roadhouse Brewing Co.
Fischer, John

Professor The Culinary Institute of America
Floyd, Jamie

Founding Brewer Ninkasi Brewing