Thursday, May 3, 12:55 PM - 1:55 PM

Hazed and Confused: Understanding, Mitigating and Preventing Post-package Physical Instability


This seminar will aid in the understanding of root causes of physical instability issues and help guide the brewer toward mitigating and preventing unwanted haze formation in craft beer. Speakers will detail the roles of various raw materials as well as brewing practices on the formation of unwanted beer particulates. Case studies will include recent examples of post-package instability mitigation through brewing practice modifications.


Aron, Patricia
Rahr MaltingAron, PatriciaManager Brewing Research and Innovation
Lewis, Ashton
BSGLewis, Ashton Technical Sales Manager for the Central Midwest
White, Christine
Molson CoorsWhite, ChristineGlobal Lead - Risk Management/Business Continuity
Yin, Xiang
Rahr MaltingYin, XiangDirector, Brewing Research and Innovation